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Tuesday, October 23rd 2012

Biodynamic Wines: NGERINGA Vineyards South Australia

While scouting out locations to shoot videos for new blog posts and travel fitness training programs - we met some incredible people and made some new friends. We still have another week to go (and some VERY cool things are in the works), but I wanted to share another update here - as I promised a few weeks ago to get this video up and out to you:
[caption id="attachment_786" align="alignnone" width="227" caption="NGERINGA Vineyards"]NGERINGA Vineyards Biodynamic Wines[/caption]
A key part of living the fitness lifestyle - and Living to the Max - is searching for healthier and more fulfilling ways to enjoy the pleasures of life. The experience at NGERINGA is a perfect example of this - and making this video is my way of sharing the example with you. In the video, Erinn shares The 4 Principles of Biodynamic Wine-making. If you think you are allergic to wines - or seem to have "trouble" whenever you have a few glasses - then watch the clip to see if trying a cleaner variety of natural wine might be better for you. Visit for: - info on events at the vineyard - dealer/distributor inquiries or - to simply place an order for some clean and healthy wine. Erinn and the NGERINGA Team also produce an incredible Olive Oil! We actually used it to complement the organic pizzas (Thora's action pizza making video coming soon!) and salad during our vineyard adventure. ...Have any comments, questions or thoughts? Post below in the box... Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas
Friday, October 19th 2012

Playground Workout in Wellington New Zealand: Chest and Back

Long gone are my days in the "stuffy" gyms with the weights and machines... If you've been here in 'AtlasVille' for a while - then you already know the core of my methods are based on natural body-weight training - and when I'm traveling - the playgrounds of the world are my outdoor gyms. I add in some of my 'special ingredients' and the results are magical... Here's my chest and back workout from last week's visit to Wellington, New Zealand. I invite you to try this - or something close to it - and let me know "how it went" :-)
It all comes down to deep-muscle-fiber stimulation for results... And with the variety offered on the playgrounds - the options are almost endless. You just have to know how to use your body in relation to the "tools" available to you. Post in the comment box below and let me know your thoughts on the chest and back training session in the video... A: Would you like to see more of these? B: Would you like a complete training package all focused on playground training? Also - while you're here, feel free to grab these brand-new info-loaded freebies from the team at Pro-grade:
The Truth About ProBiotics
Click here for your free copy of: The Truth About ProBiotics
And a pretty good video: 5 Things You Never Knew About ProBiotics Lots of work went into today's post - so please feel free to spread the word and share the link to this page with anyone else you know who will appreciate it. Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas p.s. - we are still working on the Biodynamic Winery video and the Organic Pizzas from Scratch videos... you'll be getting those in the next few weeks, once we figure out the "fine-tuning" of the video/editing software.
Monday, October 8th 2012

Fitness On the Road: Australia, New Zealand and …

The Fitness Lifestyle Continues - Even on the Other Side of the World

Here's How... It's been 2 weeks since arriving in Adelaide, Australia- all the way from Jacksonville, Florida. And I haven't missed a beat - despite the time zone change, the cafe visits :-) and the other random stops along the way (you'll see the photos below). The neighborhood hills of Adelaide have been perfect for morning interval runs (YES, I'm back to running after a whole year of staying away from it to let a herniated disc settle down). ...And the local playground has provided just the right ingredients for some awesome body-weight workouts. I brought along my favorite resistance bands, a suspension strap and my body-weight training gloves.. ..Tomorrow it's on to New Zealand - So, let's get into the photo display summary of Adelaide: 1 - A quick search on the internet revealed a must-see location for me in the heart of the city: The Adelaide Central Market... Lots of locally grown produce, artisan breads, meats and cheeses - in addition to a whole bunch of other healthy choices... And, of course.. An "Atlas Cafe".
adelaide central market
atlas cafe at central market
2 - A 3 hour bike-ride up and down the Adelaide shoreline (from Glenelg to Henley and back) revealed endless scenes of nature and people enjoying the first signs of Spring.
river torrens from adelaide shore west beach
3 - A 5 mile walk along the River Torrens also provided non-stop scenery and sunshine. Below is a crew team at practice:
walk along river torrens into center city adelaide
4 - My 5 mile walk ended on Hutt St. at the Good Life Organic Pizzeria - where I met up with a very cute, new little friend, 'Grace'.
joey with grace at good life organic pizza
5 - Then a late afternoon stop at the Seacliff Hotel for a Cafe-Mocha, the sunset and some seaside scenery:
view from seacliff hotel in glenelg
6 - The next morning, I made another friend during my hill-run - and had the rare occasion to even get a photo.. Yes, a Koala (with a baby snuggled in her pouch) watching me from the tree.. VERY COOL.
koala and baby during morning run
7 - The next day would bring a drive toward Mt. Barker - through the beautiful town of Handorf - and all the way up to Ngeringa Vineyards (stay tuned for 2 rare and unique videos we recorded there).
organic cooking at ngeringa biodynamic vineyards
8 - In the photos above and below, you see us in the inner sanctum of Ngeringa Biodynamic Vineyards; watching Organic Pizzas being made from scratch - to go with the incredible wines we enjoyed. 2 action videos with full details are going to be posted soon - so stay tuned for those.. some AWESOME material for sure.
organic pizzas by thora
The point of sharing all the above with you - and the videos plus photos I'll be sharing in the next week or two - is to not only show you what I'm up to - but to show you, by example, that living the fitness lifestyle can be done - no matter where you are or what time of year it is. Ok - I have to catch a plane to New Zealand in just a few hours! (via Sydney) please feel free to share this post with anyone else you know.. And any comments, questions or thoughts can be posted below... Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas