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Thursday, August 30th 2012

Fitness Lifestyle Adventures: Insights, Motivation and Photos

ok so it’s almost September 2012 (crazy how the weeks FLY by!) and I have some helpful topics to update you on - before we gear up for the Australia/New Zealand Trip... The New York trip came and went in a flash... 3 solid weeks catching up with family and friends - taking the kids to NYC and Brooklyn - and a few awesome gelato shops in Greenwich, Connecticut... I’ll list the specifics, some awesome photos, and even share direct links to the places in a few seconds. But first - a few words of motivation, inspiration and insight: 1 - with all the high levels activity, kids and family time - we still MADE time for our daily workouts and made sure we didn’t “over-do” the trip. We “pre-planned” our days for maximum pleasure and minimum stress. 2 - we made sure “balance” was always a factor in anything we did - and trust me, this isn’t always easy when trying to entertain an 8 year old - a 14 year old - and a 16 year old. BUT, it worked - with a few minor, and expected, snags. The kids were awesome and truly enjoyed simply just “being” with family and friends. And as you’ll see in the photos below - we took advantage of the incredible outdoor offerings by hiking and walking at various nature preserves and conservancies (nice list posted below). 3 - indulgences were at concentrated levels (remember we are Italian Foodies) BUT, again - we implemented strategies of “balance” and “moderation” - and over the course of the whole trip - our fitness levels held steady - again, because of “balance”. 4 - a random act of evil touched all of us during the trip and almost caused some serious damage. No need to share details - but I want to share this: Some of the most heinous scams are so random and perpetuated by complete morons - that they can happen to anyone at any time... (this one was pretty bad). Everything turned out fine - but the episode cause us to do a lot of thinking, talking - and yes even laughing (a lot). That’s a short summary of what I want to share from the trip - and before I show you the links and photos - here is some quick but important info about the OZ/NZ trip: I am planning on shooting several videos for new programs while in OZ/NZ and am also considering a few mini-seminars. If you are near any of the following cities (below) and are interested in a ‘Joey Atlas Fitness’ seminar, have a group who is also interested - or manage a health club which would be interested in hosting a seminar for your members - then just post details below and we will be in touch asap. - Adelaide, AU - Wellington, NZ - Auckland, NZ - Bay of Islands, NZ As promised here are the links and photos to some of our NY/CT summer adventures: The High-Line NYC The Chelsea Market (under The High-Line) Donatella's Williamsburg, Brooklyn Rye Marshlands Conservancy
rye marshlands and bambi
my 2 older monkies Greenwich Audubon
greenwich audubon Meli Melo Greenwich Greenwich Point Park - Tod's Point Martime Aquarium - Norwalk, CT Byram Shore Park, CT More random adventure photos:
Atlas Restaurant Norwalk CT
grilled pizzas
grilled pizza
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