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Monday, April 23rd 2012

2 Hot Bods Show You the AV-Technique

{Asymmetrical Variance} = fitness training technique which taps into the body's natural movement patterns *instead* of forcing it to move in un-natural ways, usually seen in common health clubs - especially on typical exercise machines In this recent video, Belinda Benn and I demonstrate 5 AV body-weight, upper-body exercises. I do the advanced version and she then does the intermediate version of each move. The 5 AV Exercises Are: 1 - AV Inverted Row 2 - AV Dips 3 - AV Shoulder Press 4 - AV Push-ups 5 - AV Pull-ups
[caption id="attachment_671" align="alignnone" width="397" caption="Joey Spots Belinda on AV Pull-Ups"]Joey Spots Belinda on AV Pull-Ups[/caption]

Click the PLAY Button Below to See the Full Training Session:

Ok - So, What's the Big Deal About Asymmetrical Variance?

Asymmetrical Variance (AV) taps into the body's natural multi-dimensional movement patterns instead of forcing it into rigid, 2-dimensional movements which is typical of conventional gym equipment and generic fitness routines. AV creates deeper and faster muscle stimulation to produce changes to your body in shorter amounts of time – and with less stress and strain on your body. AV allows you to take a basic body-weight exercise, such as the push-up; for example - and then apply the principle of natural AV body movements to create several exercise variations of that one body-weight exercise. With the variety in muscle pattern movement and fiber recruitment - the training effect happens with less training volume and less repetition of similar movements. So, for what you’d get out of a typical ‘weights & machines’ type workout in 7 or 8 sets – you’d accomplish in 3 or 4 sets via AV training (and, with less repetitions too). Less reps and sets means shorter workout times and major reductions in joint aches and overuse injuries. All while getting results in shorter time spans. Yes - VERY sweet... Got some thoughts or comments about the video or the AV Technique of fitness training? Then post below, please... Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas
Sunday, April 1st 2012

How to Get Lean Strong and Sexy

Aging In Reverse to Get Lean, Strong and Sexy

You may remember, just over a year ago, I introduced you to a new friend, Belinda Benn. Since then we've developed a powerful friendship and synergistic working relationship... Not long after we crossed paths, Bel started working on a BIG project - and asked me for some assistance along the way. Our complementary philosophies and styles made it a natural fit. She Reveals Her Secret What she has done over the last 10 months is something most people would never even attempt to acheive - BUT, her passion to help others and her own personal transformation are so powerful, it would've be an absolute sin for her to keep this all a secret. What she has put into is above and beyond what you could imagine... Watch the video below to hear her reveal part of her amazing "Aging In Reverse" story and then go here to see the amazing photos with the other 6 stories of "Aging In Reverse" INCLUDING Bel's own younger sister, Alison. The before and after photos start about 1/4 down the page - BUT do NOT miss Bel's "before photos toward the top - so you can actually see the proof of "Aging In Reverse", starting with her own personal example.. See you here - and please share today's blog post with anyone you know who can use the inspiration and helpful information. Your Trainer for Life, -- Joey Atlas ps - if you have any questions for Bel, please feel free to post them here for her:

Visit You Get Lean after watching this video:

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