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Friday, March 16th 2012

3 Birthday Gifts for YOU

Today I give YOU 3 gifts to celebrate my 42nd Birthday:

1 - a fresh piece of wisdom 2 - a super-sweet discount code 3 - a mega-powerful fitness flashback First the wisdom: As my life progresses - the things which are most important to me become more and more clear. And I honor those things as best can by feeding them and nurturing them the best ways I know how. One of the things which has become extremely important to me is... my time. I’ve made a consistent effort to objectively look at all the ways I spend my time and energy. And I’ve made note of the various things which are time-wasters and energy drains. And then I’ve created simple steps to reduce or eliminate those things... Within one year - I have freed up so much time and energy; both physical AND MENTAL - that I actually feel stronger, healthier, happier, more fulfilled and MORE IN CONTROL of my life and my circumstances... Here's an example: I've put most of my monthly bills on autopay. This means they get paid automatically. No work or time on my part. I simple do a "quick-look" view twice a month to make sure nothing fishy is going on. ...Big TIME and ENERGY saver. That is just the tip of the ice-berg but I’m sure if you read it again, and think about it - you’ll begin to make sense of what I’m sharing. This is a bigger topic for another day - maybe even a whole podcast series - but; whichever way I cut it - it has been, and is, powerfully life-changing for me... In a VERY positive way. ..Maybe it can be for you too? Second - the super-sweet discount code (and why you may want to use it): The code is: bday15 And it is to celebrate Jayson’s daughter’s birthday (yep - same as mine!! :-) by giving you 15% off anything in the prograde store. You might want to use it for what I’ve just added to my nutritional regimen: Joey's Big Green Secret Weapon This time of year gets VERY busy for me with lots of soccer for the kids and beach time just a week or two away... This means it's time to implement my time-saving strategies I mention above. And this is one of them... On days when I can get to all the fruits and veggies I would like to - I simple make sure I get one serving of my Big Green Secret Weapon in - and I'm good to go. Like gold. I usually do it in the morning right after my espresso and it actually helps to shift my food calories to later in the day - helping me to get leaner and more "toned" for our very long and fun summer/beach season here in northern Florida. 1 look at the All-Natural ingredients label and you'll know why this is part of my overall "plan":
[caption id="attachment_641" align="alignnone" width="318" caption="DISCOUNT CODE: bday15"]Joeys Big Green Secret Weapon[/caption]
In my 20’s I wouldn’t have bothered with this type of supplement - but know that I’m into the 40’s - it’s a perfect fit for what my body needs - for my active lifestyle - and for how much more life I am planning to live in the future. If you want to see the rest of my nutritional support regimen - I’ve made it a part of my third gift to you: The mega-powerful fitness flashback - which is my birthday post from one year ago: My Anti-Aging Blueprint LOTS of good stuff in that post. A nice mix of wit and wisdom.... So, enjoy and please share these posts with anyone you know who will benefit from and appreciate them. They’ll thank you for it - and so will I... Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas