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Tuesday, February 14th 2012

When I Want My Ice Cream I Have It

A little ways back, in a previous e-newsletter I mentioned the creamy protein ice-cream I was testing out, and a lot of subscribers have been emailing to find out more about it... So - here is a photo of me kissing my chocolate FitFreeze Ice-Cream today, on Valentine's Day :-)
[caption id="attachment_631" align="alignnone" width="224" caption="Click Joey's Nose to Get FREE FitFreeze"]Click Joey's Nose to Get FREE FitFreeze[/caption]
I just ordered another 1-month supply (it comes in dreamy vanilla too!) and I asked if there was a way to get a FREE sample page for all my subscribers to try it out. And here is the page: FREE FitFreeze Sample for Joey Atlas Subscribers In: USA, AUS, CAN, UK Right now it's only available to ship to the 4 countries listed and they are VERY busy getting these samples out today!

Here are just a few reasons why I LOVE this "fitness ice-cream"

1 - No Guilt: you can eat this every night knowing you are not screwing up your fitness and nutrition efforts (yes - very sneaky but very sweet!) 2 - Naturally Sweetened: Stevia is the, zero-calorie, herbal sweetener used in the recipe to tame your sweet tooth. This means no metabolism wrecking chemical sweeteners are needed (LOVE that!) 3: Fiber Enhanced: Getting enough fiber in our diets today is always a challenge but FitFreeze has a nice dose from flaxseed powder. 4: Protein Fortified: 15 grams of body toning, muscle-strengthening protein in each serving. Combined with the fiber content this works wonders in killing cravings and wiping out hunger pains. Priceless. If you live in the USA, AUS, CAN or UK - I would give the FREE sample offer a try now as I don't know how much longer they will run this special for us. And if not - just let me know what you think of the sweet Valentine's Day kiss I'm laying on the container of FitFreeze :-) Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas