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Thursday, December 1st 2011

1 Video Plus MAG Update and 25 Dollar Gift Certificate

Yes - you guessed it! We have 3 jazzy things to share with you today: 1: The first thing we have for you is “the video which almost wasn’t”. Let me explain very quickly. As word of The MAG-Factor 2012 Release spreads around the world - it is also hitting close to home here. So, the Physical Education Director at our local elementary school asked if I would come talk to the entire 3rd grade about the principles of the MAG-Factor. I agreed, of course, as kids need all the positive influence they can be exposed to - especially when it comes to health and fitness. So - the night before I was scheduled to give the presentation - I was on skype with Belinda and she said; “Joey, you should video tape this and share it with all your subscribers, both for themselves and their children.” I agreed, it was a brilliant idea. So I charged my cam that night and recorded the MAG presentation I gave for the 3rd Graders. And thanks to Bel’s great idea - you get to watch it here and share it with whoever you wish to pass it along to. Adults, kids, whoever you wish...
2: Jack was up until 3am last night working very intensely on one of the most critical parts of your MAG-Factor Fitness System.
I watched the early demo of it first thing this morning and I was blown away - thinking to myself; “This is what nobody has - yet EVERYBODY needs. When everyone sees this is the foundation of the MAG System they are going to know in a flash that all their prayers have been answered...” We will have your demo video of this ready and posted within the next few days - so keep your eyes on your inbox. You’ll want to see this - no matter what. And until we send you that update - we want to have some fun with you.... 3 - Fun is an essential part of enjoying life to the ‘Max’, so let’s have some fun here...
The first person to guess (or come closest to) what the next MAG-Factor update video is going to reveal, gets a $25 gift card (HINT: it’s one of the critical tools we are building as part of your MAG-Factor Fitness system). AND - the 3 people with the best guesses/ideas (which might be built into the MAG system) will each, also, get a $25 gift card. SO - post your guesses below and let us know what YOU think the next update video is going to feature as a a critical part of The MAG-Factor Fitness System. The 4 gift certificates are up for grabs right now!
[caption id="attachment_572" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Wanna Be a Winner? Then Type Your Guess Below!"][/caption]

$25 to spend on Amazon is always a sweet little treat, right?

:-) Your MAG-nificent trainer for life, - Joey Atlas