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Tuesday, November 15th 2011

Your MAG Factor Personal Fitness Document

Today's game-changing post is self-explanatory to most subscribers... BUT in case you are new here in "AtlasVille", or you haven't been follwing along recently - then you'll want to get up to speed by reading these 2 previous posts: 1 - My Question for You 2 - You Asked for This I Want to Hear From You...
[caption id="attachment_544" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Click Button for Your Free Copy of My Private Notes"][/caption]

So - after you read my private MAG-Factor Notes... You'll want to do this:

1 - Go ahead and share the document with the rest of the world 2 - Grab your spot on the VIP List (your private link is in the notes above) for all MAG-Factor updates we'll be sharing in the next few weeks - and for the official opening of 'The MAG-Factor Movement' 3 - Share your thoughts, feedback, input, questions and anything else you want to share in the 'comments' section below... ...Big things coming to you as 2012 gets closer... Your fitness will never be the same...What you've been needing is on the way... Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas