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Friday, October 14th 2011

You Asked For This: 3 Critical Elements

First I must thank EVERYONE of you who posted a comment on my last blog post: My Question For You 353 COMMENTS!! I must have touched on topics that hit home for many readers.... About 4 dozen of those comments are actually my replies to specific questions (so you may want to go see if I answered you :-) But before you do - I need to share what came from all that insightful feedback... And what’s in store for the future... It’s extremely rare that a blog post of any sort gets several hundred replies. So, when this happens - people like me pay attention, and then contemplate.. and then brainstorm... and then talk to a few people who have the smarts to help make sense of everything... So - I spoke with 2 people I trust the most: 1 - My local friend Jack Born who is not only a multi-talented genius but he is also a top quality friend and brilliant consultant. 2 - My fitness colleague, and ultra-wise friend, Belinda Benn ( ) who sees things most others can’t see and understands how to give people what they are wishing for. We all agreed - based on the 300-and-something replies on that blog post, and what we know from our studies and experience, there are 3 key elements people need in order to reach their fitness goals and KEEP them forever. Those 3 critical Fitness Success elements are: 1 - Motivation 2 - Accountability 3 - Guidance Right now I am calling this The MAG Factor... I got that by taking the first letter of each word. Maybe you can think of a different name - and if so - please feel free to share it in the comment section below.. But - back to the point here. The MAG Factor is obviously what most people are saying they need... And everyone is right! Because without Motivation, Accountability and Guidance - You get nowhere... You keep spinning your wheels... Staying in the same frustrating place... You keep riding the fitness roller coaster throughout your entire life. On Off - On Off, etc.. and so on.. Never reaching and keeping your goals... NOT GOOD You must be asking yourself... “How is Joey going to give me the 3 key things I need to finally solve my lifelong fitness challenges - and get me to my best potential?” Don’t worry about that - because I have the answer - and when it’s done and ready you’re going to be the first to know. This is something unique and special - Far from just another workout program or eating plan. As a matter of fact - those will be secondary to this concept. You’ll have more than enough workouts and eating plans. I’ll make sure of that. But, most importantly... You’ll have those elusive, missing pieces of the puzzle... This is literally the “missing link”... It’s what you don’t get with all other offerings out there... But - it’s what you need the most.

The M.A.G. Factor

1: M--otivation 2: A--ccountability 3: G--uidance

With those 3 key elements, you’ll reach all your goals and maintain them for life. And it’s all going to be based on my methods. I am making the intangible - tangible and concrete. I’m taking things to a whole new level here - as I see it’s what is needed the most. This is what life is about. Aiming higher and taking action to get there. My main goal is to help as many people as possible and this is how we’re going to do it. Do you want to be included? Are you ready to receive the Motivation, Accountability and Guidance? Do you want the things you have not been able to get elsewhere? Share your thoughts, answers and comments below. Let’s keep this conversation going because I know it’s an important one - with a powerful outcome which awaits all of us.... One which will allow you and me to... LIVE to the MAX... Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas