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Thursday, April 7th 2011

3 Exact Tips to Cook for YOUR Hot Metabolism

No intro needed on this... So, here you go... 1 - Add ‘stealth’ spices/herbs to dishes you have never ‘spiced up’ before. For example: A - add cumin to a scrambled egg B - add paprika to sauteed green peas C - add crushed red chili pepper to mashed cauliflower D - and if you’ve never tried sea-salt and black pepper - then you should start with those :-)) 2 - Fine-tune your healthy fat intake: Quite often I’ll find that someone is going far too low in their dietary fat intake in efforts of keeping calories down. This is not good as we need a certain amount of healthy fats to allow our bodies to function and develop properly. This can prevent some key physiological processes from taking place and can stall the body’s natural desire to burn and release excess body-fat. On the other extreme - I’ve coached some people who are unaware of the “too high” amount of healthy fats they are consuming daily. It’s important to note - one tablespoon of a healthy oil; take extra virgin olive oil as an example - contains 120 calories... ======>>>>> 1 tablespoon = 120 calories <<<<<====== That’s a lot, but still NECESSARY in proper amounts - so be a bit mindful when putting your meals together. You want to be sure you don’t get careless or carried away with the volume on those fats. As it can be very easy if you’re not paying attention to your measurements... Eventually this becomes second nature :-) 3 - Use creative BUT healthy and nutrient packed “secret” recipes - like this one: Body Rockin’ Bean-Cakes (some call these Bean ‘Burgers’... STAY TUNED, as I'll be shooting a video for this recipe soon..) These can be eaten as your main course (loaded with protein and fiber) as part of a dinner. Or you can eat for lunch wrapped in hearty lettuce, such as romaine, green-leaf, etc... ½ can black beans (drained) - mash beans in bowl, with a fork Add in: - 1 teaspoon sesame seeds - a few shakes of paprika - a few shakes of cumin - a few shakes of black pepper - a few shakes of dried parsley Mix it all up. Divide into 2 or 3 and shape into mini-cakes with (clean) hands, or with fork. Place in heated pan coated with butter or coconut oil. Sprinkle a little sea-salt while bottom side cooks. When bottom starts to get brown - use spatula to flip & cook other side. A few minutes each side is all this takes. Place on plate - let ‘em cool a bit - then ENJOY. You can add a sprinkle of parmesian cheese - or a tablespoon of your favorite marinara sauce. And who says eating properly is boring or bland???!!!!

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