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Thursday, April 15th 2010

The Fitness Shakedown

In order for you to understand today’s important blog post – it is imperative that you not only read lasts week’s post – but also the read the emotion packed comments which followed (and are still being added to)…

Here is the last post in case you missed it:

Whether you followed the action in real time – or have only seen it today – you can surely understand why that post has received so much attention and input.

Insults and Name-Calling are Different Than Thoughts and Opinions

There were a few posts we would categorize with a ‘negative’ label. And truthfully, we didn’t expect everyone to “like what they saw” or even be accepting of this great idea… Because you can’t please everybody. BUT, we didn’t expect for people to take things to the level of insult and name calling.

Granted, some don’t even realize they are doing it – but that still doesn’t make it right.

I planned on “responding” to some of the more narrow-sighted comments in today’s post. But after letting a few days go by – and seeing how many people added their positive enthusiasm and powerful support – I realized there’s no need to stay present on any of the negativity that came from that post…

The F-Train Rolls On ( F is for Fitness ;-)

This train is moving forward – and those who want to come along are 100% welcome and completely appreciated. Anyone who wishes not to… “no hard feelings… we wish you the best…”

There are a few points that were raised, which we will touch on in our first official web-radio show, The Fit-Life Show <= click to grab your free spot if you haven't already, spaces are limited...

The theme for the first show will be what you see as the title for this blog post: ‘The Fitness Shakedown’… and here’s why. The last blog post I speak about above ( The Dynamic Duo of Real Fitness ) caused many people to comment and respond with quick, gut-reaction replies.

The Meaning of “Being Fit”

This gave us a keen insight as to where certain mindsets are situated in terms of what people define as “Being Fit” – and what this means in terms of 1) seeking out proper guidance – and 2) being able to properly define one’s personal fitness goals.

Needless to say – these are issues we will be talking about in future episodes on our Fitness Podcast: The Fit-Life Show

Truth be told – the energy of the last blog post and all that it stirred up – has me and Kristy even more energized and enthused about the things we are going to work on together – for YOU.

So, before I close – we would love for you to take a minute or two – to let us know some of the topics or issues you would like to hear us talk about in future episodes of our new web-radio show. The comment box below is there for you :-)

We thank you for going after your goals – and we look forward to helping you achieve them…

Joey Atlas

Tuesday, April 6th 2010

The Dynamic Duo of Real Fitness?

The last few weeks have been pretty incredible – So many things coming together – It’s time to share some of it with you…

In my last blog post I told you about an incredible fitness pro who has really impressed me (and me her :-) so much so that we are putting our heads together in order to bring you some top notch fitness items – such as a free radio show/podcast, awesome new exercise dvds and a handful of other surprises along the journey…

Even Better Than Wonder Woman – She’s REAL

Well, it’s officially time for me to introduce you to her. But before I do that – I want to say a few words about the ‘person’ behind the persona…

I’m a nickname fan – And I’ve already called Kristy a bunch of different things – such as: “The K-Bomb” and SuperGirl. (you’ll see why shortly)…

Like me – Kristy has had to overcome some significant obstacles in her life in order to achieve the great success she has, thus far in her life. None of what you are about to see has come “easily” to her – and because of that, it should not only inspire you – but fuel your motivation to keep moving forward when things don’t seem to be going your way.

In time, Kristy and I will get into finer details, most likely in the web radio show we will be doing together, starting in the near future.

There’s is no doubt – “superficially”, she is amazing in many ways – But her spirit is even more amazing…

What really drew me to her, is her mindset, her philosophy and her genuine desire to help those who have been unsuccessful up to this point. She and I immediately ‘clicked’ on that level – and it set the stage for all that is starting to come together now….

The First Workout

On Easter Sunday, Kristy took the ride here to Jacksonville, from Orlando – and we spent 2 solids hours going through some great workouts, challenging each other – and really having fun as we got to know each other a bit. The rest of the day was all about brainstorming and thinking of the ways we will team up to create some great stuff (Indoor/Outdoor Fitness DVDS, etc..) for different types of people – Both male and female.

Before I let you meet her – all I ask is that you take a few minutes to share your thoughts, comments and questions at the bottom of this post – after you watch the videos, etc….

Kristy will be stopping by here to see how this post is going and what kind of feedback we are getting – (She is very excited – as am I).

Help Us Name The Web Radio Show/Podcast

Also – Please let us know if you’d be interested in listening to Kristy and I in a free, monthly web-radio show/podcast – where we answer questions, talk about fitness & nutrition myths, etc….

I dare you to watch this video only once. She’s AWESOME. And yes – that is her doing all the flips, etc…

Here is a little video clip we shot at the end of our Big Easter Workout Session:

I think you see now why I consider her a ‘special’ fitness pro and person.

I’ve been interested in teaming up with a female fitness specialist for quite some time now – But up until meeting Kristy – nobody has been able to show me the unique traits I’ve been looking for…

Well, now it’s time to make some magic – all in efforts of helping you and anyone else who wants to join this “way”…

Please just take a minute to share your thoughts and comments below, maybe even help us name the radio show??? We are waiting to hear from you!!

Your trainer for life – your trainer forever,

Joey Atlas